House Rules

Suppressive fire fields as side effects

If shooting an automatic weapon at multiple enemies standing in a row with the shooter, there is a chance to shoot at the person in front and hit those behind him. The shooter, after making his firing test, will be able to split his hits any way he sees fit between hitting the main target and hitting the others. Any hits he applies to the other targets create a small Suppressive Fire Zone encompassing the other targets. (This means the other targets each make a Reaction+Edge test, with the threshold being the number of hits the shooter put into it; if they fail the test, they get shot.)

New Edge power: Retcon

Essentially, this allows you to go back in time and make small changes to something your character did, with limits. Limits would be 1) only small changes that have not (up to the point the power is used) had any significant effect on the story are allowed; 2) any change you made must be based in your character’s attitudes and qualities; and 3) I as GM have final say on what use of this is appropriate. If you’re not sure whether you should be able to use the power at a given time, think of it this way: it should be used to change something you as a player did into something more in line with what you as a character would have done.

Commanding Voice

I’m going to nerf Commanding Voice somewhat because, as seen, it has basically the same effect as a spell like Mob Mind but without any Drain or any downsides. In the future, it will only function as described on either neutral or friendly characters; if you’re trying to command an actively hostile NPC (as happened in the warehouse), they will receive a negative dice pool modifier (up to -4, depending on how many net hits you get) to all their actions representing their conflicting objectives.

Limiting the godliness of Con

Also, as happened last night, there are some cons that NPCs just aren’t going to believe, regardless of how many dice you throw at them. This is mostly to keep the game from becoming “the Smiley Show”, because without this you could literally con anyone into anything with the kind of dice pools you’re throwing around. The limitations I put on that last night seemed to work well and I feel like it was about the right balance.

If you need a game-world/stat explanation for this: If you succeed on a roll to convince someone that the sky is purple, they will certainly believe that you think the sky is purple, but they’ll more likely think you’re crazy than think the sky is purple.

Pro Bono

Essentially, what this means is that, rather than taking payment for a job, you have the option of instead doing the job for your own reasons (because it suits you, for fun, out of the goodness of your heart). Whatever this reason is must be consistent with your character. In exchange for not taking any money, you get 1 extra Karma for completing the adventure for every 4000¥ you give up, rounded to the nearest point; this is an all-or-nothing thing. The money you give up is not distributed to the team, but is as far as the team is concerned simply gone. This applies both to money received upfront and money received for the job.

House Rules

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