Ghost Cartels

On the Run Pt2

The party traced the data on the commlink back to a hacker named Zipper who hangs out at a bar called the Cathode Glow. They get there, and bribe her into giving up her employer, a guy named Kerwin Loomis. They go to Loomis’s bar, the Coda, but he’s ducking out the back door when they get there. They chase him into the junkyard where a fight ensues: The party, another team of runners hired by a third party to find the disc, and the gang the Loomis keeps around as his personal protection.

The party shoots up the whole place, severely wounds Loomis, kills 8 guys, captures 2 others, and get the disc. The disc is returned to Mr. Johnson. He pays the team not only what was agreed but also gives a bonus, for a total of 12500¥ on receipt.



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