Ghost Cartels

On the Run (Pt1)

Game played: Thurs 7/14/11
Setting: Thurs 2/26/71

You all met the Johnson at Infinity on Thursday; accepted the job, retrieving a data disc containing (purportedly) a personal video of sentimental importance to your employer. You probed your contacts which eventually led you to an ork rocker named Nabo, who’d received an email offering the sale of said optical disc. You went to the concert venue for his farewell-to-Seattle show (a warehouse) a few hours early, and after trying to pass yourselves off as VIPs (which they didn’t go for on the grounds that not a single one of you was a troll or ork), you settled for passing yourselves off as stage crew and they let you in. Eventually Nabo arrived; half of you conned your way into his room, where you were recognized from your previous con job and it came to a firefight. His ork gang buddies got Stick-n-Shocked to the ground and he was intimidated into handing over his commlink for later analysis.

On the way out, though, you were made when the trolls outside the door poked their head in to see two orks on the ground. A brief combat/escape took place and everyone managed to get outside the warehouse. While driving away Amano and Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, driving Joe’s van, were the only ones who did not drive well enough to completely evade the ork bikers in pursuit. Amano popped open the back of the van, allowing both his Doberman combat drone (which was in the back) and Ed to fire at the ork gangers. They took out all three (wounding and de-biking, but not killing any of them), but not before Amano received a through-and-through to his shoulder (FIRST BLOOD!). Ripper/Biscuit and Joe were able to patch him up pretty well, though. Everyone cheesed it back to their respective haunts.



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