Ghost Cartels

A Stranger in Our House Pt1

Alright, well, here’s what happened. You guys met with the Johnson, who was working as a stripper. She gave you a file containing photos of two guys, AmerIndian gang Lieutenants by the names of Alec Littletree and Xa Firebird, with instructions to tail and take notes on each of them over the course of the next week. She offers 35,000¥ total.

Day one (3/6/71)

Smiley and Joe tracked Firebird to a campus party at UW, where he is known to deal tempo. Smiley, to ingratiate himself with the tempo crowd, bought a dose second hand from a partygoer and took it. He had a pretty interesting time and woke up next to a sorority chick.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team tracked Littletree from his safe house in the Verge (the border area between the Redmond barrens and Salish-Shidhe terrority) to a bar in Tacoma, where he met with a guy from a gang who would later have a very bad day. Three Yakuza were sitting outside the bar, seemingly eavesdropping on the same guy. While Zull is inside eavesdropping, the rest of the team noticed a car full of Yaks coming at them and book it out of there, but are being tailed. Amano and BFT busted out their respective big guns and we know how that ended (though Amano’s van took a surprisingly high amount of damage in the process). They swing back around to retrieve Zull and Joe, who was stranded at the party while Smiley was getting some.

Day two (3/7/71)

Amano repaired a few points of damage to his van, but couldn’t afford to repair it all; the group gives him 1000¥ from the group fund, but he still has 3 boxes of damage. Surveillance on Littletree continues, except today he doesn’t go to the bar. The team is, however, confronted by the Ragers.

They peacefully draw the Ragers out to be near their van, and then fighting begins. Joe took a couple of bullets (6 damage), Amano’s van took a couple of hits (totaling 8 damage), and BFT got caught with his pants down (almost literally) without his combat armor, but otherwise it went pretty smoothly. The team took out Caine (the leader), 4 lieutenants, and 12 grunts.

One lieutenant is currently sitting scared shitless behind a car. Combat has just ended. Joe is wounded.



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